Furnishing Airbnb

We frequently get requested to help furnish an Airbnb unit, so we started to offer a turnkey solution to all the Airbnb owners. We will help design a package that fits your budget and follow through with setting up the furnishing into the unit. Without lifting a finger, you will have a rental unit that's functional and ready to go!


New Furnishing

We will put together the furniture and accessories needed to make your Airbnb rental stand out amongst the crowd. We will evaluate the rental housing and come up with a feasible design, help to acquire all the furnishing, assemble, deliver and setup everything into the rental unit so you can start making money right away.


Used Staging Furnishing

Instead of purchasing everything new, you have the option to purchase our gently used staging furniture and accessories for your Airbnb unit. This is the most popular and economic way, as you will only pay a fraction of the cost of new furnishing. We regularly turn over our huge inventory of staging furniture, so this is a win-win solution for both you and us!