How long is the initial appointment?

Our designer will come to your home, evaluate the floor plan, take notes and photos needed for our design. The appointment usually last 30 mins for a typical home. 

How long does the actual staging take?

We are proud to say, 99.9% of our stages are completed within the same day. Our crew usually arrives at the house in the mid-morning. For typical homes, we will finish the stage in 3-5 hours. Of course if you have a larger home, we can dedicate more crews for the stage, but our goal is to finish everything within the same day so you can plan for other things such as photography and tours.

Is staging worth the money?

Without staging, an empty house is hard to trigger emotions. We want to great a setting where buyers can "see" themselves live in the house, we want the buyer to feel "I gotta have this house!" or "oh! I see myself relaxing with my family here on the sofa!", etc.

There are many statistics online to show staging can help a home sell faster, and for higher price. The cost of staging is peanuts compare to the amount of mortgage saved from selling faster. ;-)

What is home staging? Is it like interior design?

Not quite! While interior design is more tailor for individual taste, whereas home staging's goal is to appeal to the mass market. You might love purple curtain or neon green sofa, the general public might not share the same passion as you. Home staging is to create an environment where majority of the population can find the setting tastefully done and color coordinated. Think Four Seasons or Ritz-Carlton hotels, their style of decor might not be your cup of tea, but most people will find it attractive. One Two Six Design stages close to 1,000 homes a year, so we have a pretty good idea of what sells and what not. Our design also vary by location and demographics, tailored for the buyer market of the region.

payment methods

Most of the payments are done by check, but we love cash, and credit cards is also okay (we don't like the credit card transaction fee tho). PayPal, WeChat, Alipay (支付宝) is also accepted, and we are still looking into Bitcoin, just nervous about accepting it. ;-|

Love the staging! Can we buy everything?

Clients frequently ask us about keeping the furnitures, and we are definitely open to the idea. Besides staging, we actually help a lot of Airbnb owners to outfit their rental properties. With Airbnb, we can either supply brand new furniture or gently used furnishing (used for staging, which saves our clients a lot of money). Just call and ask us.